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When it comes to receiving medical care, one factor that keeps people from setting up an appointment is a busy schedule. Other times, people are unable to leave their house due to medical issues or age. We want people to receive the care they need and can help by offering home healthcare services. Basically, we can send a medical professional to a patient’s house for a checkup or certain forms of treatment.

This way, patients can receive the proper care they need in the comfort of their own home. While beneficial, there are limits to what we can or cannot do outside of our office.

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Understanding Home Health

If a patient returns from an inpatient hospitalization, rehabilitation or from a skilled nursing facility, there may still be a period of adjustment. The patient may not be able to make as many trips from their home to our office for a checkup. Regardless of age, we can help patients to receive home care in these situations. This is especially helpful when family members are unable to transport themselves safely to our office.

Even with the limits to home health care, we can help patients maintain their health from the comfort of their home. While insurance may sometimes cover an at-home visit, it is important to note that there may be different prices depending on the patient’s insurance. This will vary on the patient’s insurance and other factors that we can go over during an appointment.

Here are a few of the services we offer in our office and at a patient’s home when necessary.

Medical Checkups and Tests

If a patient or patient’s family member needs a regular checkup or test but is not able to make it to our office easily, we can conduct the checkup at the patient’s house if they desire. Regular checkups are important to helping patients stay healthy and prevent minor health issues from becoming worse.

Wound Care

Following an injury, getting proper rest is crucial for the wound healing. If the patient prefers to remain at home, we can come out to their house to provide the treatment they need. It is crucial to seek professional treatment for wound care in order to ensure it heals properly. Depending on the wound, we can off at-home care and follow-up appointments if necessary.

Administering Medications and Injections

If we have a patient who needs medications/injections and has difficulty traveling to our office, then we can visit the patient to administer any medications or injections. Along with specific treatments for a patient’s condition, we also offer B12 injections and adult immunizations. By visiting the patient’s home, the patient can kick back and relax during the treatment without needing to drive or set up an appointment.

Minor Injury Treatment

If a patient has a minor injury from a sport, game or accident, we can send someone out to help with the recovery process. This way, the patient can relax at home and we can ensure the injury receives the proper treatment. We may recommend specific stretches or exercises to help promote healing. If the injury is not life-threatening, then there is no need to seek treatment at an emergency room.

Urgent Treatment

If the patient has an urgent health matter, it may be more beneficial to visit our office. However, if the patient is unable to do so easily, we can try to find a time to have someone visit the patient’s home. In cases where the patient is openly bleeding or having sudden difficulty breathing, it is crucial to call 911 or seek an emergency room.

While we will do everything in our power to squeeze a patient into our schedule, the availability will vary each day. If an at-home health visit is necessary, we can go over more information during a consultation.

Workers Comp Treatment

Following a work accident or injury, it can be difficult to move from place to place during the recovery. We can help the patient receive the necessary care from their home in order to recover and provide details on the treatment process that the patient can use for compensation with their employer if necessary. With our home health treatment, we can help the patient recover in the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Mental Health Consultation

If a patient needs general mental health treatment but wants it from the comfort of their home, we can offer virtual appointments on the computer. Call us for more information about this option.

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