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Clinic, Home visits, and Virtual Visits

    We offer home visits for the the Village member and for those who choose to have their healthcare in the convenience of their own home.

    We also offer virtual/phone/email visits or communication for the established Village community member that meets criteria for this type of visit

Laboratory Testing at Reasonable Rates

    We can provide laboratory collection and results, with review and recommendations, at rates that are much lower than most hospitals and clinics when they are routine. Urgent/STAT labs will be billed directly to the Village member/insurance.

Radiology and Diagnostic Testing

    We can offer basic radiology exams in the clinic and portable X-ray, ultrasound, ECHO, EKG in the home setting. These services will be billed directly to the Village member/insurance.

    Available Discounts

      Cash/credit payment upfront may qualify you for a discount. Talk to your provider or office staff for more information.

      B12 injection package pricing

      New Village membership discount - talk to your provider or staff member to see if you qualify

      B12 Injections

        Individual injection - $30(1000mcg of Vitamin B12)


        "The test drive" - 3 monthly injections ($85)

        "Beat the blues" - 6 monthly injections ($160)

        "Best year ever" - 12 monthly injections ($300)

        Mental Health Treatment

          We treat general mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and age-related mental health issues. We also offer urgent virtual appointments to help our patients get the timely care they need in the comfort of their own home when appropriate

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