Preventive Health Tips From a Family Nurse Practitioner

Want preventive health tips to keep your family healthy? A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a health care professional who can perform many of the basic responsibilities that a primary care doctor can. The reason more families are seeing family nurse practitioners these days is because the number of primary care doctors is declining. A nurse practitioner who specializes in treating families is able to deliver the same quality of care as a doctor.

What exactly is a family nurse practitioner?

A FNP has completed the necessary educational requirements that allows them to assess patients who are experiencing health problems. They can order tests, as well as interpret them to diagnose diseases, they can create health care family plans and they can prescribe patients any medications. Some states even allow family nurse practitioners to perform minor surgical procedures.

Preventive health tips from a family nurse practitioner

Since family nurse practitioners tend to focus more on prevention and wellness, their approach to health care can be considered a holistic approach.

Preventive health tip #1 — eating foods that are high in nutrition will keep the body strong, making it easier to fight off any illnesses or diseases

Preventive health tip #2 — performing at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise a day is highly recommended, which includes paying close attention to heart rate

Preventive health tip #3 — get routine visual, dental and medical exams

Preventive health tip #4 — practice healthy habits every single day, e.g., brushing teeth, washing hands, wearing sunscreen, wearing seat belts, wearing helmets, being kind to others, etc.

Preventive health tip #5 — watching television, playing video games and/or chatting with others on a computer should be limited to between one and two hours per day

Preventive health tip #6 — making a calendar of everyone’s favorite activities so they can be routinely followed is a great idea, as it will be a reminder to encourage all family members to always be active

Preventive health tip #7 — stay up to date on all your vaccines, including the influenza vaccine, to keep you and your family safe from infection

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