7 Tips for Health Promotion

Health promotion is a good way to prevent poor health. These preventative measures go a long way in keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses, decreasing your risk for other various health problems.

Seven tips for health promotion

#1. Eat well

Eating healthy goes a long way. It is important to educate yourself on what foods contain the vital nutrients your body needs. As specific diet types vary from individual to individual, eating well is not about weight loss, but about eating the best foods for you.

#2. Regular physical activity

Including exercise in your daily regime is a vital part of good health. It can be as simple as taking a 30-minute walk every day of the week. There are various methods to increase your physical activity. These can include: joining a local sports team, outdoor activities such as hiking, winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing, hiring a personal trainer or participating in fitness classes at a local gym. It is too easy to get caught up in a sedentary lifestyle, so scheduling time into your day for regular activity is a must for proper health promotion.

#3. Manage your stress

Stress can easily weaken your immune system, leading to a higher risk of getting illnesses. There are various ways you can decrease stress, most of them tied to the other health tips. Yoga, meditation, journaling or even talking to a counselor for personal support can help manage overwhelming stress.

#4. Have a regular sleep schedule

Inconsistent or lack of sleep can do great harm to your health. Adults are recommended to get seven to nine hours a night. Keeping odd hours and not sleeping at night results in low energy and being unable to fight off lingering infections.

#5. Stop smoking

The consumption of tobacco does more than creating an addiction; it can also lead to lung cancer or other chronic respiratory illnesses. Even second-hand smoke can affect the health of those around you. Today, there are alternatives to aid in smoking cessation, such as nicotine patches or gum. Finding distractions, such as exercising or supportive friends, can also assist with a decline of smoking.

#6. Decrease or stop drinking

Avoiding hangovers is one of the main tips for health promotion, but it is not just hangovers that can lead to poor health. It far too easy to settle for a drink or two at dinner, but those mixed drinks are often full of sugar and go a long way with contributing to fatigue and crashing after sugar highs. Even though beer may have lower alcohol content, it is full of yeast, grains and a high number of calories. If you are unable to stop drinking alcohol completely, try sticking to just a drink or two at a time.

#7. See your doctor often

Many diseases or illnesses may not present themselves until it has advanced, or it can mask itself with other symptoms. This is why seeing your doctor frequently can play a big part in staying healthy. Doctors have the ability to notice and test for diseases, and they are one of the best sources for healthy living education.

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